Retail Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy

Simplicity and control for
urgent point-of-care testing

As a retail pharmacist, you are likely to be the first and only stop for many seeking care today.  Rapid testing at the point-of-care can help provide access to timely diagnostic results in the community. The BD Veritor™ Plus System is simple to operate and displays fast, easy-to-read results.

Retail pharmacy includes community based pharmacies**

BD Veritor™ Plus System
for retail pharmacy

One system, many possibilities

COVID-19*, Flu A+B, Group A Strep, RSV rapid antigen testing
Easy to use within your pharmacy
Reliable results in minutes
Simplified operation, one-button functionality

Community based pharmacies

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Simplified operation, one-button functionality
Gives staff confidence through robust training
Multiple reporting options available
Streamlined workflow and versatility

Rapid antigen testing
for retail pharmacies

Power to inform patient care, especially during seasonal surges in respiratory infections

For community pharmacies that require flexibility and speed to manage a broad array of care, especially during peak flu seasons, reliable results from rapid antigen testing could play a key part of everyday triage. With the BD Veritor™ Plus System, results are ready in under 15 minutes1-3, enabling you to detect, diagnose and even suggest patient therapies efficiently**.

Meeting the challenges that pharmacy staff face

Designed with portability and simplicity top of mind, the BD Veritor™ Plus System offers efficient, easy one-button functionality and two analysis modes: Analyze Now mode and Walk Away mode.

Beneficial effects:

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Reliable results
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Lowered wait times
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Confidence for staff

Versatility and variety of testing for retail pharmacies**

Although assays test individually for specific pathogens, more than one test may be used in each patient visit.

On-demand training support for pharmacy professionals

Training your staff is fast and easy with the BD Veritor™ Plus e-Learning platform, featuring assay-specific training modules, how-to videos, batch testing guides, and more.

It’s easy to set up a point-of-care rapid antigen diagnostic testing program in your pharmacy**

The BD Veritor™ Plus System is a cost-effective and scalable solution for your organization.

Request an online workflow consultation and demo

**In patient care settings meeting Provincial guidelines and requirements for point-of-care testing


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